Additionally, 100% of the funds are available to the homeowner at closing, there are no draws or inspections like there normally would be with a construction loan. No headaches for you, no delays in getting paid.

RenoFi Loans are the best of both worlds. Like a construction loan, the homeowner can borrow based on the after-renovation value and thus unlocks significant borrowing power, BUT, it's in the form of a Home Equity Loan so it doesn't require the homeowner to refinance their existing mortgage. No one is going to give up their 3% rate to go into a 7% mortgage!

The financing comes from Credit Unions and thus the rates and fees are as competitive as any homeowner could possibly find. Loan product options for ADUs projects of all sizes.

Homeowners can borrow up to $500,000 leveraging the future value of homes post-renovation (up to 90% after-renovation loan-to-value). Future rental income can be considered too.